Gulzira Auelkhan`s records in a Chinese concentration camp: “I worry about the lives of those eight who have not signed a contract in the factory”

Erkin Azat
11 min readMar 4, 2019

Appeal to the World Health Organization, the International Red Cross, the Red Crescent, medical organizations and other humanitarian funds. Dear members and the leadership of the above organizations, I, Erkin Azat, conducting this test and in a face-to-face personal interview, found out several issues that need to be resolved immediately:

1. Having freed themselves from the Chinese concentration camp or from house arrest, the state of health of the witnesses who have returned to Kazakhstan is bad as well as the illness at the acute stage. For example: there are also signs of acute illness like: memory loss, loss of sexual ability, heart disease, kidney failure. Due to the lack of a psychologist, many witnesses show signs of mood swings, isolation, and acute depression. Due to the poor financial condition of their families and the inconvenient location, they cannot undergo a medical examination, buy medicine, those who are ill are just waiting for the exacerbation of the disease.

2. Due to the arrest of many relatives of Kazakhstanis in China, house arrest cannot return to Kazakhstan. In this regard, relatives in Kazakhstan for many years have been subjected to spiritual torment and illness. Many people in age due to worries about relatives worsened illness. Some people injured themselves in a grave mental state, even some committed suicide.

Due to feelings for relatives in China, relatives in Kazakhstan could not concentrate on work and study, income and academic performance deteriorated.

I, Erkin Azat, want to convey to the information that if the International Medical Group fails to take action in a timely manner, it will not lead to anything good. I really hope that you pay attention to what is happening and take urgent measures.

Erkin Azat: First, let’s briefly introduce yourself.
Gulzira: My name is Gulzira Auelkhan, 20.06.1979, born in the PR China, XUAR, Dolan District, Xinjiang Autonomous Region, Ile Autonomous Region. I graduated from an incomplete degree.
I arrived in Kazakhstan on 28.10.2014 and I am married. Husband’s name Tursynzhan Esenali 1974, elder daughter`s name Kundyz Tursynzhan 1997, Zhadyra Tursynzhan 2002, Akbayan 06.01.2014.

Erkin Azat: In what year? Why were you arrested?
Gulzira: 17.07.2017 When crossing the Horgos border, the border guards dispatched my document.
I want you to go to Kazakhstan and I will take you to where you want to go. Then I went to my uncle’s house at 23:00 and I asked her to go to my father`s house, they told me that she would go to study prison for 15 days. The main reason is: “Your registration is here, and what did you do about six months in Kazakhstan, we do not know the letter of intent, and you visited the terrorist state” they said. You went to Kazakhstan one of the 26 dangerous countries, “he said,”.

  1. 2017.07.19 Dolan guards took Beysanpu to the camp. There were about 800 Uighurs, Kazakh women. There were class A, B. I was in class A (visited abroad), Class B is related to religion. As I was called school, I knew it was a prison. After the third month I was given an injection. I didn’t know what an injection was, but it cost 250 yuan. In one class, we were 50 each, but we were 60 each. When they brought me to prison, my hair was cut off. (44° 0'8.72" 81°31'51.51")

2. 2017.10.01 on the night we went to the clinic Lau Zhong (insurance for children of old mothers), discipline, sitting in a class of fifty people, in 2 minutes will ask permission to the toilet, if in the 2 minutes don`t come in the class, they hit my head at the entrance. In each cell, 33 lay in each cell, and the Uigurs of the girls were taken from this cell. From this camera, one girl was taken, whose name is Rozygul Nurakyn due to an interview. From this day we did not see her and she did not return. We were forbidden to go to the toilet often and it was very difficult for us. We were given only 2 minutes to go to the toilet and we also had to ask permission. (43° 58'27.76" 81°32'03.51")

3. 2018.07.02 at night I was taken to the fourth secondary school in Kulzha. Two months went to the toilet. There were a lot of health problems. (43° 58'36.50" 81°30'11.39")

4. 2018.08.26 I was taken by Shin Duan. The boss of a 33-year-old woman named Bigaisha in one meeting: “There are 18,000 local women here.” In Shindan it was very hard. We were taught to exercise the earthquake. We lay down on the ground and lay for 15 minutes without moving. At that moment, I saw other prisoners being taken to other places. We were trained in case of a fire, we had to run our hands over our mouths with our hands. (43° 58'54.73" 81°32'14.96")

Yan-shinpin (general secretary district`s Kulzha): 29.05.2018 talked to me: “You should say that you lost your passport and because you return to your relatives in Kazakhstan, we give to me 100000 ~ 200000 yuan, and you are employed by a Chinese company in Kazakhstan, “Do not spoil any of these secrets,” he warned, “this is a domestic policy, a silence for the friendship of the two countries.” I said, “I can not afford to get a lot of money without my husband’s permission, so I can go alone. If I do not have money, I will get money 500 yuan “. Then he did not let me out, he did not talk to me.

In a concentration camp, we sit for 14 hours a day, women have haemorrhoids. Pregnant women are forced to make an obort. 17 year old Gulderai due to such terrible circumstances a disease appeared in the uterus.

Here, even a married couple has to stay in bed for 2 hours before becoming pregnant, they took medication before pregnancy and asked 20 yuan in cash from their husband. The woman is washed and imprisoned back. And it is explained that the Chinese governments take care of them. I have witnessed all these events.

Clean: bathe in cold water, in a room of 10 or 18 people, bathe for 10 minutes, cut the nails themselves, but do not give us nail clippers. The prison head asks: “Do you have no pregnant women?” When they meet with relatives, they carry a sofa with them, meet the camera every 15 minutes and do not allow unmarried women to go to bed. Her throat is stopped due to acne, and only one sheet of paper arrives when it falls. The Manigul girl was usually not nine months old, the mangold’s husband is in the camp.

In the camp we sing: Xi jinping teaches Chinese, Chinese anthem: Chinese anthem (起来), not a Chinese Communist Party, but a new (我们 都是 一家 人) The red song.

White rice. On June 8, 2018, after a visit to Nazarbayev, China’s food was improved.
On June 8, 2018, when I was shown by TV on a TV show that met with Qi Tsinpin on the TV, I was screwed up in a Chinese camera: “There is a problem in your mind” and “You made a nationalist”, put my hand back into my private room and put my legs in the shelf for 4 hours.

When check out discipline comes, they coloured our hair.

Disabled persons:

1) The Uighur woman, who was cut off from her legs.

2) Bubaisha, a disabled person with two children, who did not hearl.

3) I saw a girl with a right hand in another class of thirty-one.

4) I saw mothers with heart disease, and saw a young unmarried girl named Sa-Adada, the oldest in the 80’s, the smallest in the 17-year-old village.

5) While I was going to interview the inspectors, I saw a man with a handicapped man in front of the second bushel in the men’s area.

Area of ​​patients:

Communication with a woman from the fourth detachment Dolan with Patigul. She says: I spent 9 months in an unfamiliar place, it was very cold and damp there. We go to the toilet once a week, eat ourselves and sleep in the same place. This place for me is very much affected. At night, women will be taken somewhere and brought back. I do not know what to do with them. Son Patigul Musazhan and Slamzhan all in prison.

Grandmother Yergali Nurduma Aishamkan was released from prison. From the fifth detachment Satybai Elakyn and from the second detachment Nurakyn were released from prison. From the fifth detachment, Kerimzhan Yesbosin and the priest Toktasyn Nurgali are now in prison.

One day I was forced to guard my 65 year old grandmother. When she cried at night I was beaten for not looking after her so much. I was forced to sit for 24 hours without moving. Women were often beaten on the head, insulted. Now I often have a headache and blood from my nose. One day, teacher Uglan Zhumagali said: “You are lucky, you will soon be released. And we have concluded for life. We were not given wages for 3 months “

Erkin Azat: at the Ziyan Fan factory, you were forced to sign an employment contract for 1 year, at that moment 9 people were against. Now how are they doing? what happened to them?

Gulzira: (43° 57'32.72" 81°28'43.54") a list of those who were against the annual labor agreement:

Zibila, Sabigazy, Kydyrbay, Manigul, Ulzhagas, Ulsyn, Kundyz and I (I forgot one).

  1. Zibila Nasilbek(18449756807), there is a residence permit, a resident of Kulzha.

2. Sabigazy (15292787229), a resident of Kulzha, now at the plant.

3. Kydyrbay (15599686176), still in the factory.

4. Manigul (13211029136), at the factory, her husband in the camp.

5. Ulzhalgas (13399993731), a resident of Kulzha, has a residence permit, her husband is now in house arrest.

6.Ulsyn , not known.

7. Kundyz (15599694071), at large.

8. Forgot one more person

I worry about them. Below is a list of people whom I know and their current state:

1. Serik (13679903207), sews bags.

2. Kasymbek Kundyzai, from the third detachment, at the factory.

3. Nurtai Suleimen, from the third detachment, sews bags.

4. Kenzhebek (15894180774), works in the Shindun camp, now in Kulzha.

5. Serikzhan (18116874222), works in court in Kulzha.

6. Kurmanzhan (13109088512), his wife Kulash Uakilkyzy is now in the camp.

7. Uncle Abdrakhman (133690445738), his wife in the camp.

8. Erkin Esenali, left the camp.

Erkin Azat: can you describe the plant in more detail ?!

Gulzira: this plant is Zhyan Fan. 11/15/2018 Secretary of the detachment Shun Shun and Gulzar sent me to the factory. His husband, Serikzhan, was also in the camp. I sewed gloves and mittens. The distance between the plant and the place where I lived was 3 km, we were taken by bus. Work began at 8 in the morning and ended at 18:00. Lunch time was 40 minutes. When we returned home, we were taught Chinese in the bus. At 22:00 we go to bed. There were 35 of us. On Saturday after lunch we go back to our place.

Requirements: we were forced to earn. for 3 months they said they will give 600 yuan. After 3 months they said that they would officially accept us as an employee. but on 12/25/2018 received only 220 yuan. One pair of gloves sew for 10 cent If you sew on the machine, it turns out 38 cent. I have poor eyesight and I sewed my hands. If you ask for leave, they take away 40 yuan, if you ask for leave for 1 day, they charged money for 3 days. I barely sewed 8–10 pairs of gloves in one day, but the requirement was to sew 20 pairs.

On December 27, they made a meeting and said that they were going to sign a contract for 1 year. If you do not sign the contract we will be sent to the camp. That day I told my state of Gulmayram. She said: your work will be sent abroad, we are paid for it. ” In the evening after work, I came back and I wrote everything to my husband through WeChat. My husband told you everything. Through this reporter, Wall Street Eve called the akim. Then my cell phone was checked by the guards.

Erkyn Azat: How did you come to freedom in Kazakhstan?
Gulzira: I sent out rumors of slander on my husband’s phone line, my husband sent me to the Internet, and the next day I was taken out of the factory by a guard of the public security department, took me to the public security department of the Kuldzhinsky district and checked my phone.

They checked my phone and asked why I sent it, and I said that it was out of the reach for a year, and I told them that I had signed a year, and that the fair judge had not given my passport, so they took me to the underground room one day and walked down the stairs 10 minutes, at a depth of about 15 meters in size, with a bright white light, the sunshine and the sun do not know, and you can only see the sun’s light when it comes to the ground floor.

For the first time, he did not put a wick in the field, and a second time when he went out into the field he wound it up. After dawn, he took a question, where did he say his passport? I told you just because I wanted to tell you what to say, or to die, your husband left the plant to the world, so it turned out to be a secret, so why would I die or die? Then he told me about the situation.

I am Gulzira Auelkanovna, this is never a political center of learning, I can say that this 15-month-long study of the so-called political center of learning is actually a fascist fascist concourse. And for three months, I can never forget the hard days my slavery plant has. I do not believe that those who are not looking for will leave this place. This is a policy of racial and radicalization of the local Turkish people.

I hope that the United Nations Security Council and the Commissar of the United Nations Human Rights Commission, Michelle Basse, head of the United Nations Committee Against Racial Discrimination, will immediately send a delegation to the SCAR to investigate specific cases!

Erkin Azat: Thank you for your interest.
Gulzira Auelkan: Thank you.

Erkin Azat